Top Tips

Tennis is about more than just hitting the ball.  There are obviously numerous improvements we can do to our stroke, our technique etc, but there is also the mental side of things, the tactics, fitness and nutrition.  So, we will be providing you with regular tips in all these areas.  If you look at the categories Tennis Tips, Fitness Tips etc, you will be able to see all the relevant posts.

First up though is fitness. Tips provided by Jacqui.  Now is still the off-season in Cyprus, with everything kicking off in February with the ATL 1000 & National Juniors and then in March the Famagusta Seniors & Audi Sporting Club Pancyprian (if 2012 is the same as 2011).  So, let’s get cracking.  Time to shed those pounds, build up our core strength and increase mobility to prevent injury.

Exercise 1  – Seated rotations (3 sets of 10)

Exercise 2  – Shoulder rotations (3 sets of 10)

Exercise 3 – Hump & hollow stretch (3 sets of 10)

Exercise 4  – Pelvic tilts (3 sets of 10)

Find out more in our post.

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