Time to get out the racquets – Wimbledon is here!


tennis (Photo credit: Marc Di Luzio)

The sun is out, it’s the end of June and today Wimbledon starts.  2 weeks of top level tennis – either on the TV or for those of you lucky enough to have tickets, at the event itself. So who do you think will win?

It’s not just about watching though.  Every time Wimbledon starts a kind of tennis fever takes over and we hunt through the cupboards to dust off our racquets and head out to the Tennis Courts.  It’s great fun, but sometimes we want more.  Why not take a few Tennis Lessons in Pafos to get the most out of your tennis – brush up on your skills, or start from the beginning.  Whatever your age, it’s never to late to start. Group or individual tennis lessons can make a difference and you may want to join us for our social tennis evening every Wednesday – you do need to be able to play a game though for the social tennis.  It’s good fun and gives you an opportunity to meet other people to play with.

Hope to see you on court! Let me know who you want to win Wimbledon.