Serving It Up Spanish Style

As a Tennis Coach, to me the perfect holiday is playing loads of tennis every day.  So after the long hours of July & August, I headed off to Spain before the new school year started.  Where to?  A relaxing beach?  No, the JC Ferrero Equelite Tennis Academy near Villena, a small town not that far from Alicante.  Strangely enough Juan Carlos Ferrero announced his retirement from tennis a couple of days after I left! 🙂

Gusto, one of the Tennis Coaches

The academy caters for both adults and children and is extremely friendly and there are usually some ATP or WTA players visiting.  The coaches were all excellent and it was a fantastic experience.  I made sure they pushed me hard and improved my own game significantly.  At the same time I gained a really good insight into Tennis Coaching Spanish style, tennis specific physical conditioning and the mental side of the game.  I would recommend it to anyone.

I spent the mornings with Gusto, who had loads of “gusto” and who focused a lot on footwork. If you’ve ever watched Nadal, you will know that his is superb.

Dino, one of the physical coaches

Alberto & Dino took care of my physical conditioning – I never knew you could do so much with the agility training ladder.  My two left feet took a while, but finally cracked it – salsa helped with some and hindered others. Some sessions I worked in a group with some of the children

who are there full time.  They were all very helpful, showing me how to do some of the exercises.

Then in the afternoon, it was back to tennis with Roberto once and the other times with Frederico from Italy.  We did many drills, focusing a lot on consistency and placement, as well as serving. I kept on challenging him to hit a service I couldn’t return.  He did get a few past me, but it didn’t take me long to get a handle on his serve, apart from a few aces.

Frederico, one of the Tennis Coaches

Overall it was an excellent experience and I’d like to thank Gorka & Javier for organising everything, as well as Nasos at Tennis Point in Limassol for recommending it to me 🙂 As it is a Prince academy, all my racquets and other gear were not out of place.  I hope to go again!

I also got to visit Barcelona, Girona and the fiesta at Villena and eat loads of tapas.

So next time, see if you can spot some of the Spanish influence in my coaching!

More photos can be found on my Facebook page

Summer Tennis Academy was great success

Wow! The Summer Tennis Academy finished at the end of July with a bang.  A round robin tournament took place on the last day with virtually everyone taking part. It was great fun and competitive, with both a beginners and intermediates tournament. Winner of the Intermediates was Jay from Holland and the winner of  the beginners was James from Peyia area. There were also winners of best serve, best return, best forehand, best lob etc.

End of the Summer Tennis Academy

The Summer Tennis Academy featured players from as far away as the USA, UK and Holland and all the pupils worked very hard, sweating in the heat, to really improve their tennis.  The beginners made great progress from not being able to play at all to playing matches.  Ages ranged from 5 to 11 years old and from complete beginners to those who had been playing for 5 years.

I’d like to thank everyone who took part, as well as all their parents for helping to make it such a success. See you next year guys!!!


Timetable for Summer Tennis Academy is now up

Yes, it starts next week.  Our first Summer Tennis Academy in Pafos and Coral Bay is here and it’s going to be a hit – we have pupils coming from as far away as America to join us.

Summer Tennis Academy Weekly Schedule of Classes

We have classes in both Kato Pafos and in Coral Bay, with some for beginners and intermediates.  You can join for the whole of July, or just for one or two weeks.  This means there will be locals, children staying for the whole summer and some holidaymakers.

Sign up now for Summer Tennis Academy

It will be fun and the goal is to improve dramatically everyone’s tennis.  It also serves as an excellent introduction to this amazing sport.  So, if you have children who may be interested, hurry and sign them up before we run out of places.  Or, maybe you wish to join one of our adult classes or individual lessons.

The timetable is up now and as you can see it is pretty packed, with time left only later in the evenings and between 10am-5pm. (This may be subject to change as the academy develops).

Summer Tennis Academy Weekly Schedule of Classes

Hope to see you there – please ensure you book first.

Spreading the word …

The word is getting around about us.  Sacha Appleton Tennis Coaching is featured in the most recent issue of the SACY News and will be in the latest Stil Gizny. Two excellent Cypriot publications that are targeted at South African Cypriots and Russians respectively.

So keep your eyes peeled for them and if you would like to read them, the links for the articles in SACY News and Stil Gizny are below.

Hope you enjoy the articles!

SACY News (page 49)

Stil Gizny

Stil Gizny article p1

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Time to get out the racquets – Wimbledon is here!


tennis (Photo credit: Marc Di Luzio)

The sun is out, it’s the end of June and today Wimbledon starts.  2 weeks of top level tennis – either on the TV or for those of you lucky enough to have tickets, at the event itself. So who do you think will win?

It’s not just about watching though.  Every time Wimbledon starts a kind of tennis fever takes over and we hunt through the cupboards to dust off our racquets and head out to the Tennis Courts.  It’s great fun, but sometimes we want more.  Why not take a few Tennis Lessons in Pafos to get the most out of your tennis – brush up on your skills, or start from the beginning.  Whatever your age, it’s never to late to start. Group or individual tennis lessons can make a difference and you may want to join us for our social tennis evening every Wednesday – you do need to be able to play a game though for the social tennis.  It’s good fun and gives you an opportunity to meet other people to play with.

Hope to see you on court! Let me know who you want to win Wimbledon.

Summer Tennis School Comes To Pafos

It’s nearly time for that long hot summer and what are you going to do with the children?  There’s the beach of course, but it is also a great opportunity for children to learn how to play tennis, or improve their playing skills considerably. Don’t forget it’s also fun and good for fitness.

Sign up now for Summer Tennis Academy

So, throughout July (and possibly August) I will be running a Summer Tennis Academy down in Kato Pafos and Coral Bay. It will be for 2 hours a day for 3 days a week.  All aspects of the game will be covered, with the course tailored for each group.

On registering, please say which times suit you best (8-10am or 5-7pm), which days, which location and also provide the age of the child or children and their playing ability.  From this I will then be able to put together groups of roughly the same age and ability.  To be able to do this, please be as flexible as possible in terms of times and days.

Any age from 5-18 years can take part and lessons can be in English, French or Greek.

Cost will be €40 per week, or €140 for the month.

Register now to book your place!  Call 99 329107 or or fill in the form online at