Calling All Mums – Freedom Classes

Yes, it’s exactly what it says, Freedom Classes.  Once you’ve packed the children off to school, why not take some time for yourself? Get a sense of freedom and meet some other mums.

Freedom Classes

Tennis is great fun and you can get fit at the same time. It exercises your whole body and 1 hour of tennis burns between 400-900 calories.  Freedom classes combine learning and playing tennis with other exercises. Done in a group, with just women, you can be sure it will be fun and not intimidating.  The teaching style will encourage a social atmosphere and this will be helped by the regular “Tennis with Pimms” tournaments.

The classes are for beginners to advanced players and you don’t need to be fit to start.  The intensity of the classes will built up slowly, tailored to suit each group.  If you have a racquet, bring it along.  If not, don’t worry.  Just wear trainers and clothes you are comfortable doing sports in.

So, if you’re looking for some fun and freedom, freedom, freedom …. give me a call on 99 329107