Win a free tennis lesson!

So, I said to keep your eyes out after the video for more developments with this Paphos Tennis Coach.  Now, finally, my new look car is here.  Check out the decals on my car.  IMG_0117

If you go to my Facebook page you can see that I am offering a free tennis lesson to the first person to send in a photo of my car out and about with its decals.  You have 2 weeks – up to 14th March, so get car spotting and make sure you have a camera handy 🙂  Either post the photo on the Tennis Academy Facebook page or email it to  If you can like and share the offer as well, that would be great.IMG_0116

The free lesson will be at one of the venues I teach at in Kato Pafos or Coral Bay.

Good luck!!!

Check out this Paphos Tennis Coach

The other weekend, this Paphos Tennis Coach decided to have some fun and put together a video so you could get a snapshot of my lessons.  I was limited by what photos and videos I had, but I managed to put something together.

Have a look on Facebook and/or my YouTube channel and like and share it please.  I’d love to hear your comments:



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Tennis Tournaments – It’s Important to have Something To Aim For

English: Nadal in 2006

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In tennis, as in life, we tend to drift around aimlessly unless we have something to aim for, some target, deadline or event.  You know that feeling, you’ve been working towards something for ages and once it’s over, you feel flat, you actually miss all that hard work and excitement, the meaning it brought to your life.  Do you then ask yourself, what next?

Well with tennis it can be the same.  You can just play for fun, but you may still have a goal of reaching a certain standard and helps to clearly define this to yourself.  Or, you may wish to compete in tournaments.

As well as the official Cyprus Tennis Federation (CTF) tournaments, which are an excellent way to improve your tennis, there are a number of amateur ones you can take part in without having to be registered with the CTF

The ATL holds tournaments in every town throughout the year, which are split into levels according to your playing ability.  This means that beginners can play their first ever match and semi-pros can also play competitive matches.  The idea is for everyone to have fun and meet other people to play with.  The ATL is accepting registrations now for its 2012 season.  Are you going to take part?  I certainly hope most of my students will.

It’s not just though about having the goal, it’s also about what you learn.  Just by taking part in a tournament, you will find your game improves by 10, 20, maybe even 50%.

So, make sure you have a goal for your tennis and see yourself improve by leaps and bounds!

So what is the PTR when it is at home?

When someone says they are a PTR Tennis Coach, what does that mean?  Is it a recognised Tennis Coaching qualification?

The Professional Tennis Registry or PTR has over 14,000 registered tennis coaches in 110 countries and provides demanding internationally recognised Tennis Coaching qualifications.  It was founded in 1976 by Dennis Van der Meer who has coached both beginners and some of the world’s greats, including Billie Jean King.

The testing for the Tennis Coaching Qualification is rigourous and demands not only that the participant can coach, but also that they satisfy a certain playing level.  It provides a strong foundation for a Tennis Coach’s career, which should then be followed by continuous training and improvement.  I believe however hard we strive for perfection, there is always more to learn and in Cyprus, Tennis is a growing sport.