50 Shades of Tennis

Uh? You might ask, but Pafos Tennis Coaching took on a whole new meaning this Saturday morning.  The regular Freedom Class (women’s class) is always fun at the Ascos Hotel in Coral Bay.  Men beware!  This week was no exception.  It was in full swing  and serving was on the menu with “Whip your man!” echoing across the court. Ouch!

So, what were we doing?  Well, one of the ways to fine tune your service action is to use a skipping rope, whipping it as if you were hitting the ball.  It’s a great way to see how you’re hitting, stopping you from hitting too much to the side or pushing the ball.  It’s also great fun 🙂


By the end of the lesson, everyone’s serves had improved ten-fold, but their men had better beware when they get home!

Next week we’ll have to find something to top that!  There’s always working on top spin!