“The greatest wealth is health”

–         Virgil

If you follow Professional Tennis, you are likely to have heard all about Djokovic’s gluten-free diet and the impact it has had on his tennis.  Now no 1 in the world, he attributes part of his success to this diet?  Why?

According to Caroline Evans, a qualified nutrition consultant and master herbalist, gluten tends to coat the oesophagus and intestinal tract, causing poor absorption of minerals and respiratory problems.  Following a gluten free diet can improve breathing and health in general if you suffer from an intolerance or allergy to gluten.  There are many other ways to improve your general health and fitness, as well as your performance on the tennis court, by following nutritional and herbal advice.

Everyone’s body is different though, so one solution does not necessarily fits all.  As with anything, it’s best to consult an expert and work out a tailored eating plan that suits you.  Caroline works closely with me on my own Tennis performance and is available as an option for my students.  I believe nutrition is a key component to Tennis Coaching and personally, I like to go with a super juice as often as possible, swear by wheatgrass and use a natural more healthy alternative to isotonic sports drinks.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve fitness and general health, or have a specific health issue, Caroline can provide expert advice, consultation and treatment.

So, if you would like to learn more about how to eat your way to health, give Caroline a call on 99 993412 or visit her website at

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