Want to get fit, but don’t want to just run on a treadmill? Want something more social and fun? Or, do you really want to improve your performance on the tennis court by a specific tennis fitness training?

TennisFit is the answer.  There are two types of lessons:

TennisFit One

Fun lessons, where you don’t need to know how to play tennis. It doesn’t matter how you hit the ball, it’s about the exercise. If you already play, that’s fine as well.  You’ll do plenty of running, work in teams and individually, laugh and subconsciously learn the basics of how to play and do far more exercise than you notice.

It’s a fun way to get fit!

TennisFit Two

This will suit someone just looking to be more serious about their fitness for tennis and also those competing who want to work in a group so you can encourage each other to work hard and achieve your own personal goals.  It’s not much fun doing it on your own.

TennisFit Two will include circuit training and a programme designed to provide the preparatory, pre-competitive and competitive fitness training needed based on your schedule of competitions.  Core strength and stability, as well as endurance are important in the preparatory phase, as well as looking to improve flexibility and work on injury prevention.  January and Feburary will be focused more on this, before we move into the pre-competitive phase with more speed, agility and explosive power exercises.

Why don’t you join us?  We are putting together a programme at the moment.

Call Sacha on 99 329107.

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