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  2. Sacha hello,

    I just moved to Limassol and am looking for a stable partner to play with regularly, as well as a bit of fitness and technique coaching. I am 39 and have been playing tennis for many years and I would categorize myself as a decent intermediate player. I have been out of it for a year and want to get back on form and playing.

    I understand you are based in Pafos. Do you have any colleagues of yours in Limassol which you can recommend to me?


    • Hi

      Sorry for the long time replying – I didn’t get notified about your enquiry. Can I suggest three things? Firstly, we can arrange to play if you like by meeting halfway at Aphrodite Hills. Also, Tennis Point in Limassol is a good place to start http://www.tennispoint.com.cy/. Nasos there knows everyone in tennis and is very helpful. I would also suggest signing up for the ATL amateur tennis tournaments http://www.atlcyprus.com. Anyone can take part from beginners through to coaches and ex-pros – its split into levels appropriate to your playing ability. It’s aimed at helping to meet other tennis players and enjoying the experience of playing matches in a relaxed fun atmosphere.

      I hope that helps. If you have any other questions, feel free to call me.


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  6. Hello Sacha,
    We’re coming to Pafos in June and we want to have lessons during that time.
    I can easily say that some skills in tennis we have. There will be two of us one child and one teen with an equipment.
    Last year we had lessons with you same in June.
    We’re looking forward for your reply.

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