Tennis Ladder Tournment

So what’s a tennis ladder tournament?  Tennis Clubs in Paphos don’t generally organise these.  It’s something very common in the UK. It’s a great, fun way to meet other people and have the opportunity to pitch your skills against others.  You can see yourself progressing up the ladder and if you lose a match, it doesn’t matter, you can challenge someone else and then take on the other person again when you’re ready.

Click HERE  if you wish to go straight through to sign up.


Sounds interesting?

OK.  So, in a tennis ladder competition, first of all, players are randomnly placed on the steps/rungs of a ladder with number one being the top and say number 10 the bottom.  Players challenge one another to a match.  In this competition, you can challenge someone up to 3 places above you. If a player wins he either stays the same (if he’s the higher ranked player) or takes the losing players place (if the loser was above him/her) loses, the player moves up or down in position on the ladder.  You can play as often or as little as you like, but you can’t challenge the same player until you have played someone else in between.

When does it start and how long does it last?

Our ladder competition is starting now and will last until 1st March 2017.  This will give you enough time to play as many matches as you like and to end with a fairly accurate ranking on the ladder.

Where and when does it take place?

There is no set location for this.  It is up to you to arrange the matches between you and your opponent where and when suits you both. After a challenge is issued, you have two weeks to play.

How do I find the ladder, see who to play & arrange a match?

Either follow the links for the individual ladders or go to and search for the Paphos Tennis Community.  Register, join the community and sign up for the correct ladders.  You can also download the Playwaze app to allow you to message your opponent and enter results from your mobile.

Once you are entered into the ladder tournament, you can look at the ladder and see who is up to 3 places above you.  Choose who you which to challenge and send them a message through Playwaze, or ask me for their phone number (Sacha 99 329107).

How much does it cost to enter?

It costs only 10 euros to enter and this allows you to enter up to two categories.

Is it doubles or singles?

At the moment there is just singles, but if there are enough requests for doubles then we will add doubles competitions.

Find out more?

Knowing how to handle your child is difficult sometimes

It may be sport, or it may be exams, or anything else in life, that causes your child to break into tears at losing, or become aggressive because they have won, or have a melt-down.  They may decide they suddenly don’t want to do the one thing they really loved. Coping with pressure is something we spend our whole lives learning to do, with varying success.  What if someone could advise us how to help our children navigate through this?

On the 28th March at 17.45 at Neapolis University in Pafos, Sacha Appleton Tennis SACHA SEMINAR A4 2PP V3Academy is hosting a seminar designed to help you specifically with this.  Entitled “How to help your child succeed in sport” and lasting around 1 hour, it will be presented by Elena Avraam, a BASES and AASP accredited Sports Psychologist.  She has worked with various Welsh National Teams (including Tennis, Squash, Volleyball, Football) and currently helps AEL football team in Cyprus and several junior tennis players who are competing abroad.

The seminar will be in English, with translation into Russian and Greek, if required and will cost € 10, including refreshments.

It will be followed by a separate hour and a half presentation for competitors aimed at helping improve tennis performance (or indeed any other sport) by 15% or more.  It will tackle performing under pressure, helping you identify your weaknesses and giving you tools to handle it.  Children can attend, but must be at least 10 years old and mature enough to understand and benefit from the performance training.  The cost or this will be € 15.  There will be discounts available for those wishing to attend both seminars, or for families who wish to attend together.

Places are limited and must be booked in advance.  To find out more, call me on 99 329107, or email

A Winning Mentality

Andy Murray

Andy Murray (Photo credit: Carine06)

How many times have you watched a tennis match and been frustrated by your hero’s lack of mental strength?  When they choke at a big point, or seem to be playing really well, then suddenly lose it.  Or, they come out on court for an important match and never really seem there, or seem scared.  If you’re British, it often seems like it’s a disease that’s particularly our own, but its not.

To take a British example, look at Andy Murray.  He never seemed to quite make it and I would be the first to say it was not his lack of tennis skill, rather his mental strength that was letting him down.  In fact, he has admitted it himself that working with a psychologist has freed his mind up to win.

It’s not just the pros that sufferer this problem though.  Are you like me, that you never play as well in a match as you do in practice?  Well, working with a sports psychologist when I visited the JC Ferrero academy in Spain has begun to change that – I’m still not there one hundred percent, but just a few tricks of the trade have made a big difference.  I would go so far as to say that it if you get your mental game in place, then you have already one the match.

When I returned to Cyprus, I sought out an expert here and eventually found one by accident.  Elena Avraam is a BASES and AASP accredited sport and exercise psychology consultant.  Now we are working on our first seminar here in Pafos.

So, make a date in your diary for the 28th March, when you can join us at Neapolis University to learn more about how to add at least another 15% to your performance 🙂  It’s open to everyone.