Tennis Ladder Tournment

So what’s a tennis ladder tournament?  Tennis Clubs in Paphos don’t generally organise these.  It’s something very common in the UK. It’s a great, fun way to meet other people and have the opportunity to pitch your skills against others.  You can see yourself progressing up the ladder and if you lose a match, it doesn’t matter, you can challenge someone else and then take on the other person again when you’re ready.

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Sounds interesting?

OK.  So, in a tennis ladder competition, first of all, players are randomnly placed on the steps/rungs of a ladder with number one being the top and say number 10 the bottom.  Players challenge one another to a match.  In this competition, you can challenge someone up to 3 places above you. If a player wins he either stays the same (if he’s the higher ranked player) or takes the losing players place (if the loser was above him/her) loses, the player moves up or down in position on the ladder.  You can play as often or as little as you like, but you can’t challenge the same player until you have played someone else in between.

When does it start and how long does it last?

Our ladder competition is starting now and will last until 1st March 2017.  This will give you enough time to play as many matches as you like and to end with a fairly accurate ranking on the ladder.

Where and when does it take place?

There is no set location for this.  It is up to you to arrange the matches between you and your opponent where and when suits you both. After a challenge is issued, you have two weeks to play.

How do I find the ladder, see who to play & arrange a match?

Either follow the links for the individual ladders or go to and search for the Paphos Tennis Community.  Register, join the community and sign up for the correct ladders.  You can also download the Playwaze app to allow you to message your opponent and enter results from your mobile.

Once you are entered into the ladder tournament, you can look at the ladder and see who is up to 3 places above you.  Choose who you which to challenge and send them a message through Playwaze, or ask me for their phone number (Sacha 99 329107).

How much does it cost to enter?

It costs only 10 euros to enter and this allows you to enter up to two categories.

Is it doubles or singles?

At the moment there is just singles, but if there are enough requests for doubles then we will add doubles competitions.

Find out more?

Bringing it on!

group 2Group 1So, the Summer Tennis Academy is finished and I’m now on my summer break.  I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who took part and helped to make the summer tennis academy and the mini tournament such a success!  This is one satisfied Pafos Tennis Coach 🙂

So what were the results?

In the 3-4 year olds category, Eleesha won on the assault course and Phanis on the supersonic targets.

In the 5-7 year olds, Sophia won the forehand competition, Harry the rally and Ines tennis game.

The orange ball team was very competitive, with Sophia winning the assault course, Dimitris the Big Ball, Andreas the doubles, Maria the best smash and Vera the best serve.

In the Green ball competition, Vasily won the singles, Olivia taking best serve, Abby best lob, James the best dropshot, Jack the most consistent.  Joel took best backhand and most improved player.

I’d like to congratulate everyone – not just on playing really well and trying really hard, but also for their sportsmanship.  It was a pleasure to see players congratulating each other, cheering each other on and creating an amazing atmosphere.  Thanks guys!

You can see more photos on my Facebook page – follow me on

See you in September!

Summer Tennis Academy Strikes Again!

The Summer Tennis Academy took place once again this July and several of the groups are continuing on into August.  There were four groups – Beginners & Intermediates in Kato Pafos.  The Intermediates was aimed at tournament training including some fitness.  In Coral Bay there was and Advanced Beginners and a younger Beginners class.  The aim was to either learn to play tennis or improve existing tennis significantly while having fun.  There were loads fun activities as well as technique, tactics and of course loads of match practice!  The slightly adjusted times this year worked well – it wasn’t too hot for the children or for the Paphos Tennis Coach.

Summer Tennis Academy 2013

Summer Tennis Academy 2013

There were a good mixture of nationalities, including English, Cypriot, Russian and Iranian, so there was plenty of opportunity to practice language skills.  There was also a fair balance between girls and boys.

Last Thursday, we held the wrap-up mini tournament. This was great fun with all the different groups together as well as some of my other younger pupils taking part.  There were loads of fun games and activities as well as singles and doubles matches.  The parents and some of my other pupils helped out with the umpiring and the most popular game was the one at the end – pupils vs parents – the children beat us!  We’ll never live it down!!!

Some of the Summer Tennis Academy pupils missed it though as they had already headed back home, so we hope to see them next year again!

The medal winners included:

Adv Beginners Singles – James

Beginners Singles – Vasily

Overall score Adv Beginners – Lucy

Overall score Beginners – Stefan

Highest doubles score – Demetri

Highest number of Tap-Ups Beginners – Mobin

Thanks to everyone who took part and helped to make it such a great evening! Pafos Tennis Coach

Photos can be found on my Facebook page.

Who’s coming to watch ATL 1000 finals at Aphrodite Hills this Saturday?

Nadal & Serena are King & Queen respectively of Madrid and have now turned their attention to Rome, where Laura Robson has already caused a shock upset, beating Venus Williams in the first round.  Next up is Serena Williams 🙂

While here at home, Tennis in Cyprus is enjoying a growing popularity and the ATL amateur Tennis Tournaments in Cyprus are aimed at increasing this, the level of Tennis in general and giving everyone, from the complete beginner to coaches the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of competition.  And, at the same time, it’s friendly competition aimed at nurturing talent and maximising enjoyment.

On Saturday 18th May at 4pm at Aphrodite Hills, the two ATL 1000 finals will take place.  Jay Querns and Stefanos Charalambous will fight for the Nicosia/Pafos crown and Marios Papacharalambous & Dmitry Lazarev will again take to the hard court to do battle.  Who will win?

Come along on Saturday and find out.  Join us there for some great tennis.

Summer Tennis Academy was great success

Wow! The Summer Tennis Academy finished at the end of July with a bang.  A round robin tournament took place on the last day with virtually everyone taking part. It was great fun and competitive, with both a beginners and intermediates tournament. Winner of the Intermediates was Jay from Holland and the winner of  the beginners was James from Peyia area. There were also winners of best serve, best return, best forehand, best lob etc.

End of the Summer Tennis Academy

The Summer Tennis Academy featured players from as far away as the USA, UK and Holland and all the pupils worked very hard, sweating in the heat, to really improve their tennis.  The beginners made great progress from not being able to play at all to playing matches.  Ages ranged from 5 to 11 years old and from complete beginners to those who had been playing for 5 years.

I’d like to thank everyone who took part, as well as all their parents for helping to make it such a success. See you next year guys!!!


What Are Your Goals For 2012?

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So, you’ve decided you want to get fit, maybe you have made the decision to take tennis lessons, or to start competing in tournaments.  For all of these, it’s important to set goals – overall ones and then milestones.  Sometimes you aren’t sure though what they should be, what is reasonable.  So, either just bounce your ideas around with a friend, or ask an expert.

I have now laid out my plans for the year in terms of training for tournaments.  Coaching isn’t enough and just playing isn’t enough.  You have to look at all aspects of the game.  For fitness, I have worked out when the tournaments are, so that I know when i need to peak.  I then can work back and see where are the best time to work on preparation and transition to the pre-competitive stage, as well as planning in active rest and complete rest.  I’ve then broken down each week and worked out what I need to work on every day.  Sound like a lot?  It is and I’m sure I won’t stick to it 100%, but hopefully I will keep to it more or less and achieve what I want to achieve.

The same goes for tennis itself.  You need to plan when to work on technique, when to do drills and when to practice playing.  I haven’t even started on the mental side of things.

So what are your goals?

Tennis Tournaments – It’s Important to have Something To Aim For

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In tennis, as in life, we tend to drift around aimlessly unless we have something to aim for, some target, deadline or event.  You know that feeling, you’ve been working towards something for ages and once it’s over, you feel flat, you actually miss all that hard work and excitement, the meaning it brought to your life.  Do you then ask yourself, what next?

Well with tennis it can be the same.  You can just play for fun, but you may still have a goal of reaching a certain standard and helps to clearly define this to yourself.  Or, you may wish to compete in tournaments.

As well as the official Cyprus Tennis Federation (CTF) tournaments, which are an excellent way to improve your tennis, there are a number of amateur ones you can take part in without having to be registered with the CTF

The ATL holds tournaments in every town throughout the year, which are split into levels according to your playing ability.  This means that beginners can play their first ever match and semi-pros can also play competitive matches.  The idea is for everyone to have fun and meet other people to play with.  The ATL is accepting registrations now for its 2012 season.  Are you going to take part?  I certainly hope most of my students will.

It’s not just though about having the goal, it’s also about what you learn.  Just by taking part in a tournament, you will find your game improves by 10, 20, maybe even 50%.

So, make sure you have a goal for your tennis and see yourself improve by leaps and bounds!

Watch Some Great Tennis Matches At Aphrodite Hills This Saturday Afternoon

The ATL (Amateur Tennis league) is coming to town – Cyprus Tennis fans are getting a treat.  The  ATL Cyprus’ 2011 season is drawing to a close.  The ATL 1000 Singles finals for both Limassol and Nicosia are taking place in the luxurious surroundings of Aphrodite Hills this Saturday afternoon.  Are you coming?  It’s a great opportunity to watch some good tennis and meet other tennis players.  As a Tennis Coach, I recommend it as you can learn more about how to play, what tactics to use and how to handle playing a match.  So why not come and join us?

At Aphrodite Hills there are 5 hardcourts and 4 sublime clay courts – if you’ve ever played on them, you will know they are championship standard.  A fitting place to hold these finals and sign off 2011 with a flourish.

So who’s playing?

In the Nicosia ATL 1000 Finals, Yiannos Trillides, seeded no 1 in Nicosia and 2 in Cyprus in the ATL rankings, will be facing Petros Ioannou, seeded  5 in Nicosia and 13 in Cyprus.  Have they played each other before?  I don’t know, so if anyone does have that info, please send it into us.

In the Limassol ATL 1000 Finals, Dimitry Lazerev, seeded no 4 in Limassol and 7 in Cyprus, will be looking to end Limassol and Cyprus’ no 1 Marios Papacharalambous’ unbeaten run.  Will he succeed?

Have you noticed though, that all the finalists are men?  Where are the women?  There are some very good female players in Cyprus, but not many have yet signed up to play in the ATL tournaments.  If you’re a female tennis player, why not take part?  I’ve played a number of times in ATL tournaments and never felt I lost because I was playing a man – I lost because I made errors.  So, come on all you women players join us and take pleasure in beating the men 🙂

And, if you’d like to watch some top flight tennis, then come along on Saturday afternoon.  Pull up a chair, have a drink and watch the matches unfold.