Tennis is good for your eyesight!

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post.  It’s been busy!!!! 🙂 Paphos tennis Coaching takes up a lot of time.

So, what’s this about eyesight?  I’d never really thought about it, but one of my parents came to me to tell me how happy she was that tennis had helped her child’s eyesight.  Apparently in just 4-5 months of tennis her eyesight improved significantly.  Some of this was down to the exercises she did, but according to the optician if he compared it to others with the same condition doing the same exercises, tennis accounted for an extra 20% improvement in her eyesight. Wow!!!

Why was this? Well as a beginner, we did loads of exercises to improve hand to eye co-ordination for both the right and left hand and then having to focus on the ball to be able to hit it helped more.  She can now play tennis and has a great time.  You can’t say fairer than that.

So, if you know children who have a lazy eye, or maybe other conditions, then just maybe tennis could help along with the exercises given by the optician.  I’ve always believed that anyone can play tennis and this is just one example.

See you on court!!!

Enter by 14th March to Win FREE tennis lesson

Yes! We had a winner for the 1st “competition” – the next day in fact. Congratualtions Ilsa, Dimitri & Sophia!  So, this Paphos Tennis Coach has a new offer 🙂

Send in your photos of my car (see below – it’s easily recognisable) either to or post them on my Facebook page by 14th March and I will pick a winner out of the hat.  They will get a free Tennis Lesson.

IMG_0117So, get snapping and photos ASAP 🙂

Win a free tennis lesson!

So, I said to keep your eyes out after the video for more developments with this Paphos Tennis Coach.  Now, finally, my new look car is here.  Check out the decals on my car.  IMG_0117

If you go to my Facebook page you can see that I am offering a free tennis lesson to the first person to send in a photo of my car out and about with its decals.  You have 2 weeks – up to 14th March, so get car spotting and make sure you have a camera handy 🙂  Either post the photo on the Tennis Academy Facebook page or email it to  If you can like and share the offer as well, that would be great.IMG_0116

The free lesson will be at one of the venues I teach at in Kato Pafos or Coral Bay.

Good luck!!!

2015 Here we go!

Happy New Year from your local Paphos Tennis Coach!  Hope it brings you everything you wish!2015

This year has started out washing away all of last year, with record rainfall.  So, everything is new and fresh.  That hasn’t stopped our tennis though.  We have been doing most of our lessons indoors out of the cold and rain.  Brrrr!!

Last year I did the Spanish Coaching exams to add to my skillset and qualifications and I will be looking to add to that in 2015.  This year, I will be improving and adding to the lessons.  Some of this is already underway and  I hope you will love it.  Any feedback from you is always welcome so that I can continue to make your experience even better.  Onwards and upwards!

I aslo want to say a big thank you to all my pupils who have worked so hard this year and made huge progress.  Well done!

Please keep your eyes out for more announcements on this site and the Facebook page.


Bringing it on!

group 2Group 1So, the Summer Tennis Academy is finished and I’m now on my summer break.  I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who took part and helped to make the summer tennis academy and the mini tournament such a success!  This is one satisfied Pafos Tennis Coach 🙂

So what were the results?

In the 3-4 year olds category, Eleesha won on the assault course and Phanis on the supersonic targets.

In the 5-7 year olds, Sophia won the forehand competition, Harry the rally and Ines tennis game.

The orange ball team was very competitive, with Sophia winning the assault course, Dimitris the Big Ball, Andreas the doubles, Maria the best smash and Vera the best serve.

In the Green ball competition, Vasily won the singles, Olivia taking best serve, Abby best lob, James the best dropshot, Jack the most consistent.  Joel took best backhand and most improved player.

I’d like to congratulate everyone – not just on playing really well and trying really hard, but also for their sportsmanship.  It was a pleasure to see players congratulating each other, cheering each other on and creating an amazing atmosphere.  Thanks guys!

You can see more photos on my Facebook page – follow me on

See you in September!

Serving it up Spanish Style

No, I’m not talking about Paella! Or Chorizo, although they are both delicious.  I’m talking about Spanish tennis, of which this Pafos Tennis Coach is a huge fan.

Spain is arguably the top Tennis nation in the world, with more players in the Men’s top 10, 50, 100 and 200 than any other country.  This is not a new phenomenon, for years, it has been the same, so they must be doing something right? I knew they used a different system of coaching so, a couple of years ago this Paphos Tennis Coach went to the Juan Carlos Ferrero Tennis Academy in Spain to check this out and I was very impressed (as welll as having a great time being coached individually for 4 hours a day 🙂 ).  I decided I needed to learn this system, so finally this year I did it!rpt logo

I now have my first  RPT (Registro Profesional de Tenis) qualification and intend to continue with all the others.

So now, I will be applying this to my coaching so you can enjoy lessons that utilise the system and skills of the top tennis nation in the world – that can’t be bad 🙂

Stuck on what to buy someone for Christmas?

If you’re wondering what to buy someone for Christmas, have you though about a Tennis themed present? This Paphos Tennis coach has Christmas Vouchers for Tennis lessons 🙂  It could be for someone who already plays tennis, or someone who has always wanted to try it.  These can be either for group or indivdual lessons, adults or children.

Have you thought of giving someone a voucher for tennis lessons?

Have you thought of giving someone a voucher for tennis lessons?

Another alternative is to buy a tennis racquet and/or balls, or a voucher towards one.  I supply childrens and adults Prince equipment from budget through to professional racquets.  For the professional racquets, I can usually arrange for an opportunity to try out  a demo racquet.

Hope this gives you some ideas?

Vouchers can be bought either online via Paypal. Just use my email, or call me on 99 329107 to arrange direct payment.

Ever had a YouTube moment?

Ever wished you’d had your camera on and filming? Well this Paphos Tennis Coach did on Friday night. As I’m sure you are aware, tennis courts in Cyprus are always added with little or no thought.  Losing tennis balls is a perpetual problem because the courts are surrounded by a forest or the surrounding area is inaccessible.  And don’t begin to talk about noisy generators, or the flowery aroma of grey water used in irriagation.

So, back to Friday. I was coaching a beginner at the Alexander the Great Hotel, which is a great court, just in the middle of town.  The court faces out to the sea one way and in the other is the fence, a bus stop and a busy tourist road. So, my pupil hit a wonderful ball that went sailing over the fence. I just had time to shout out “watch out!” before the ball landed in the middle of a pile of tourists getting on a bus. The ball bounced once and flew into the bus straight into the hands of a passenger. he froze for a second, the doors started to close and then just as I thought there was not enough of a gap for a ball to get through, the passenger threw it back perfectly, out of the doors of the bus and straight over the fence on the court to me!

If that wasn’t a YouTube moment then I don’t know what is! If only I had been filming 😉

September Tennis Classes have started!

It may be September, but it’s like a new year has started.  Al the regular pupils are back from their summer breaks and more are joining every day.  The schedule is gradually filling up.  So hurry up and book your place with the Paphos Tennis Coach.

The whole team together

The whole team together

Lessons are paid monthly at the beginning of the month so that prices can be kept as low as possible.  There are a selection of classes in Kato Pafos and Coral bay so you can have a choice of which to attend, or, if you miss one, you can attend another that week.  It will be a few weeks before the winter schedule is finalised, but at the moment the Group Tennis Lessons schedule is as follows:


5pm – Children’s Advanced Beginners in Coral Bay


8am – Women’s Freedom Class in Coral Bay

5pm – 3-4 year olds in Kato Pafos (1/2 hour lesson)

5.30pm – Children’s Beginners in Kato Pafos


5pm – 5-6 year olds in Coral Bay


10am – Women’s Freedom Class in Kato Pafos

5pm – Children’s Beginners in Kato Pafos


5pm – 5-6 year olds in Coral Bay


6pm – Women’s Freedom Class in Coral Bay

I hope to add some more lesson’s shortly.  I have a request in for a children’s intermediate group lesson in Coral bay and am looking for more pupils to join that one.  Also, some adult mixed tennis groups.

So, if you are interested, or know anyone who might be, let me know 🙂

Summer Tennis Academy Strikes Again!

The Summer Tennis Academy took place once again this July and several of the groups are continuing on into August.  There were four groups – Beginners & Intermediates in Kato Pafos.  The Intermediates was aimed at tournament training including some fitness.  In Coral Bay there was and Advanced Beginners and a younger Beginners class.  The aim was to either learn to play tennis or improve existing tennis significantly while having fun.  There were loads fun activities as well as technique, tactics and of course loads of match practice!  The slightly adjusted times this year worked well – it wasn’t too hot for the children or for the Paphos Tennis Coach.

Summer Tennis Academy 2013

Summer Tennis Academy 2013

There were a good mixture of nationalities, including English, Cypriot, Russian and Iranian, so there was plenty of opportunity to practice language skills.  There was also a fair balance between girls and boys.

Last Thursday, we held the wrap-up mini tournament. This was great fun with all the different groups together as well as some of my other younger pupils taking part.  There were loads of fun games and activities as well as singles and doubles matches.  The parents and some of my other pupils helped out with the umpiring and the most popular game was the one at the end – pupils vs parents – the children beat us!  We’ll never live it down!!!

Some of the Summer Tennis Academy pupils missed it though as they had already headed back home, so we hope to see them next year again!

The medal winners included:

Adv Beginners Singles – James

Beginners Singles – Vasily

Overall score Adv Beginners – Lucy

Overall score Beginners – Stefan

Highest doubles score – Demetri

Highest number of Tap-Ups Beginners – Mobin

Thanks to everyone who took part and helped to make it such a great evening! Pafos Tennis Coach

Photos can be found on my Facebook page.