Group Lessons

We have a number of group lessons running and are adding to these all the time, with some groups taking place more than once a week.  A monthly payment plan is available, enabling you to attend a designated number of classes and to choose between the ones available for your playing level.

Coaching children's group

Coaching children’s group

Below you will find a list of our regular weekly lessons. There are still more to be added as times and numbers are confirmed. You can still sign up for them.

If you find a Tennis Lesson that interests you, or would like to see if there is another one that is suitable, please contact me on 99 329107 or


3-4pm               – 5-6 yr olds (Coral Bay)

4-5pm               – Children’s Adv Beginners (Coral Bay)

6-7pm               – Children’s Adv Beginners (Kato Pafos)

7-8pm               – Adults Beginners (Kato Pafos)


5-5.30pm          – 3-4 year olds (Kato Pafos)


10.45-11.45am – Women’s Freedom Class (Kato Pafos)

5-6pm               – 5-6 year olds (Coral Bay)


8-9am              – Women’s Freedom Class (Coral Bay)

5-6pm             – Children’s Beginners (Kato Pafos)

6-7pm             – Children’s Adv Beginners (Kato Pafos)


10.45-11.45    – Women’s Freedom Class (Kato Pafos)



2-3pm             – Women’s  Freedom Class (Coral Bay)

3-4pm             – 5-6 year olds (Coral Bay)


5 thoughts on “Group Lessons

    • Hi

      Yes. There is Aphrodite Hills which is halfway between Limassol and Pafos and then in Limassol, I would suggest talking to Nasos at Tennis Point shop in Limassol. He knows all the coaches in Limassol and can suggest the right one for you. The shop number is 25 735003.

      If you would like to start competing in friendly tournaments, then I would also suggest checking out

      Good luck!


  1. Hello coach.My name is Stavros im 32 and im interested in a beginner and i want to ask if you have sessions for adults and where are you based?

  2. Hello,

    My 2 sons would like to start tennis they are 7 and 9, we live in the Coral Bay area. I wondered if you could tell me the days and times for children beginners and how much this is? Also what date this would start.

    Many Thanks

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