Sign up now for our Summer Tennis Academy

Whether your children are complete beginners, or advanced tennis players, please read on 🙂

iPAD OR EXERCISE?  That’s usually the dilemma with children.  Trying to get some of them away from their iPad or computer is almost impossible, but we all know (apart from our children) that exercise is good for us.

So, what do you do?  Do you leave them to sit in front of the computer for hours on end, or do you get them out into the fresh air?

Throughout July, we have our SUMMER TENNIS ACADEMY, which could suit your child.  It’s a great, fun sport and it is also a mental game.  So, someone who likes chess, for example, will love tennis.  So too will someone who just loves sport.  In fact tennis is for everyone, you just need the person to teach it to you in the right way ;).

Who wants to join our Summer Tennis Academy?

Who wants to join our Summer Tennis Academy?

Our Summer Tennis Academy will teach all aspects of the game from tactical, technical, mental, physical and match play.  It helps improve concentration, co-ordination, balance, fitness, self-reliance, team work and many other great things. At the same time we try to make it fun.  We want to foster a love of tennis to last throughout a lifetime.

Now, the devil is in  the details ;), so here you go.

There will be some variations due to the number of children signing up for each class, skill levels, locations etc, but the plan is:

Classes will take place at the Coral Beach Hotel or the Venus Beach Hotel, according to overall demand and schedule constraints.  Lessons will be 6-8pm, Monday to Friday, although morning slots from 8-10am may be available if there is sufficient demand for these times.

For children from 6-8 yrs old (roughly) who are using the red balls:

1 hour, twice a week   –  Euros 17 a week, Euros 60 for July

For children from 8-18 years old (roughly) who are using orange, green & maybe yellow balls:

2 hours, three times a week – Euros 50 a week, Euros 170 for July

This includes matchplay practice as well.  We usually organise a tournament at the end for everyone.This is great fun and we like to get the parents there to watch.

So, what do you think?  Will your children have fun? Do you want them to learn a really amazing sport?

Either call me on 99 329107, email me at, or click here to go to the online signup form.

See you in July!!!!


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