It’s great when you see students making amazing progress!

I love Tennis Coaching in Paphos.  I have a small group who have only just started playing tennis and I’m really happy with the progress they have made.  They are 8-10 years old, but we have started on the red balls.  Why?  So that they can serve, rally and score from the first lesson and learn tactics and technique hand-in-hand.  It’s not just down to the training of course – they’re also excellent pupils.

In fact today was their 7th lesson.  Thanks to the amazing training I did last year with the ITF (International Tennis Federation) they can now rally (forehand & backhand), serve, volley, lob and smash. BUT more importantly, they know that they should wait for the correct ball (a weaker, short ball) to change the direction of the ball at the baseline and that they can then decide to approach the net.  They also know how to play against the player at the net by hitting passing shots or lobbing.

They have an idea of the scoring and just love to play tennis!  What more can you ask!!! Thanks guys!!!

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