Serving it up Spanish Style

No, I’m not talking about Paella! Or Chorizo, although they are both delicious.  I’m talking about Spanish tennis, of which this Pafos Tennis Coach is a huge fan.

Spain is arguably the top Tennis nation in the world, with more players in the Men’s top 10, 50, 100 and 200 than any other country.  This is not a new phenomenon, for years, it has been the same, so they must be doing something right? I knew they used a different system of coaching so, a couple of years ago this Paphos Tennis Coach went to the Juan Carlos Ferrero Tennis Academy in Spain to check this out and I was very impressed (as welll as having a great time being coached individually for 4 hours a day 🙂 ).  I decided I needed to learn this system, so finally this year I did it!rpt logo

I now have my first  RPT (Registro Profesional de Tenis) qualification and intend to continue with all the others.

So now, I will be applying this to my coaching so you can enjoy lessons that utilise the system and skills of the top tennis nation in the world – that can’t be bad 🙂

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