Ever had a YouTube moment?

Ever wished you’d had your camera on and filming? Well this Paphos Tennis Coach did on Friday night. As I’m sure you are aware, tennis courts in Cyprus are always added with little or no thought.  Losing tennis balls is a perpetual problem because the courts are surrounded by a forest or the surrounding area is inaccessible.  And don’t begin to talk about noisy generators, or the flowery aroma of grey water used in irriagation.

So, back to Friday. I was coaching a beginner at the Alexander the Great Hotel, which is a great court, just in the middle of town.  The court faces out to the sea one way and in the other is the fence, a bus stop and a busy tourist road. So, my pupil hit a wonderful ball that went sailing over the fence. I just had time to shout out “watch out!” before the ball landed in the middle of a pile of tourists getting on a bus. The ball bounced once and flew into the bus straight into the hands of a passenger. he froze for a second, the doors started to close and then just as I thought there was not enough of a gap for a ball to get through, the passenger threw it back perfectly, out of the doors of the bus and straight over the fence on the court to me!

If that wasn’t a YouTube moment then I don’t know what is! If only I had been filming 😉

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