Finding your Zen

Not the right word for you? Ok, but don’t underestimate the importance of relaxation on the tennis court.  This Paphos Tennis Coach is not good at meditation, but has learned the value of relaxing when playing tennis.  Doing it 100% of the time is a work in progress.

Why do you need to relax?  Well if you’re going to get into “the zone” and flow then you need to be relaxed.  Believe me, if you have ever played in “the zone” you’ll be desperate to do so again. To do so, y

English: Tennis ball

English: Tennis ball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

our world needs to narrow down to the tennis ball, everything else, apart from the feel of your racquet, needs to disappear.  Then it doesn’t matter what noises are around you, whether you are playing in a match, or whether there is wind.  Your body will automatically adjust.  Am I a master at this?  No, but I am getting better at it and by having done it myself, I’m better able to teach others to do it as well.

Also, as I have demonstrated to many of my pupils, if you relax your whole playing arm, your stroke is smoother.  As soon as you tighten up and try to force it, the whole shape of your hitting action changes and your shots get worse.  Ever hear a commentator say,  that a professional tennis player has tightened up at a crucial point? They’ve done exactly that and spoilt their shots.

So how do you find your zen? Everyone is slightly different, but it’s all about being focused and breathing.  You might want to read the Inner Game of Tennis which I have found invaluable. I use a blend of various techniques. If you find it very hard to switch off, then and you may want to consider learning to meditate 😉

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