Are Professional Tennis Players Pushing Their Bodies Too Far?

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is it just me (a Paphos Tennis Coach) or are there more injuries this year on the professional tennis tour?  The latest, Andy Murray, is just recovering from back surgery.  Nadal has just returned from injury with a phenomenal impact.  But, this year in grand slams and tour events for men and women alike it seems like there are more withdrawals than ever due to injury.

Some may preventative because the tennis calendar is brutal, but some could be that professional players are reaching their limits.  When Djokovic had his phenomenal year, he broke new boundaries in fitness, speed and results.  He was the man to beat.  Since then it seems that all the players have worked phenomenally hard to bring themselves up to that standard.  Some have tried the famous gluten free diet, but all have improved their fitness.  Just look at the players next time you watch a match.  They have lost weight, they have more defined muscles and performance is amazing.  But, all of this comes at cost.  If you push your body like that through all the gruelling rounds of a tournament where the competition is fierce whoever you’re playing and if you do this almost 50 weeks of the year without many pauses then your body may just fail.  Of course, players do everything to try to prevent injuries, but it is inevitable.  The only player who has been virtually injury free is Roger Federer.

So what do you think?  Have players reached their limits in terms of what their body can do?  Should the tennis year be shorter?

The lesson though for us amateur players though is that we do need to be careful with our own bodies as well.  We’re not pushing them to the limits of the pros, but at the same time, we should warm up properly and do training specifically to minimise risk of injury.

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