Meet me at the Go Gecko Fun Day on Saturday

The what?  If you haven’t heard of it, Go Gecko is a really great outdoor fitness facility at St Georges Football ground in Peyia near the Namos cafe.  They do very different classes using tyres and other more adventurous equipment that makes for a fun way of getting fit.  Not quite as much fun as a tennis lesson with your favourite Pafos Tennis Coach of course 🙂

St Georges Go Gecko Fun DayOn Saturday 15th June, they are holding a fun day for the whole family, so why not come along?  I’ll be there, doing two TennisFit classes and you can call to arrange a short introductory lesson there on my stand. Why not?  It’s free. I will have racquets and balls there and a small net.  There will be some competitions as well.

See you there!

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