ATL Tennis Tournament draws are up

The ATL amateur tennis tournament draws are up on

These are Tennis Tournaments in each of the major towns of Nicosia, Limassol and Pafos.  It’s a series of knockout Tennis Tournaments throughout the year.  You register online and have two weeks to play your match.  The finals are all held on one day, usually at Aphrodite Hills.atl ad 1

Anyone can take part and there are singles and doubles categories.  The singles is also split into levels:

ATL 50 – beginners (it may even be their first ever match)

ATL 100 – advanced beginners

ATL 250 – intermediates

ATL 500 – advanced players & coaches

It’s great fun and only € 12 per tournament, or less if you pay for the whole year.  This includes entry into 2 singles categories and the doubles 🙂

So, whatever your age or sex, hurry up and register for the next tournament.  If you would like to see the finals of the big ATL 1000, then that will be at 4pm on Saturday 18th May at Aphrodite Hills.

Come join the fun!

4 thoughts on “ATL Tennis Tournament draws are up

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