Knowing how to handle your child is difficult sometimes

It may be sport, or it may be exams, or anything else in life, that causes your child to break into tears at losing, or become aggressive because they have won, or have a melt-down.  They may decide they suddenly don’t want to do the one thing they really loved. Coping with pressure is something we spend our whole lives learning to do, with varying success.  What if someone could advise us how to help our children navigate through this?

On the 28th March at 17.45 at Neapolis University in Pafos, Sacha Appleton Tennis SACHA SEMINAR A4 2PP V3Academy is hosting a seminar designed to help you specifically with this.  Entitled “How to help your child succeed in sport” and lasting around 1 hour, it will be presented by Elena Avraam, a BASES and AASP accredited Sports Psychologist.  She has worked with various Welsh National Teams (including Tennis, Squash, Volleyball, Football) and currently helps AEL football team in Cyprus and several junior tennis players who are competing abroad.

The seminar will be in English, with translation into Russian and Greek, if required and will cost € 10, including refreshments.

It will be followed by a separate hour and a half presentation for competitors aimed at helping improve tennis performance (or indeed any other sport) by 15% or more.  It will tackle performing under pressure, helping you identify your weaknesses and giving you tools to handle it.  Children can attend, but must be at least 10 years old and mature enough to understand and benefit from the performance training.  The cost or this will be € 15.  There will be discounts available for those wishing to attend both seminars, or for families who wish to attend together.

Places are limited and must be booked in advance.  To find out more, call me on 99 329107, or email

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