2012 – A great year for tennis

So, the 2012 season has drawn to a close and it has been quite a year. Serena Williams has come back in style and finished at number 3 – quite a feat after wvwerything she’s been through.  The 2 screamers, Azarenka and Sharapova, are 1st and 2nd respectively and we have seen some fantastic matches like the Kerber vs Azarenka one which was phenomenal.  The defending that Kerber did was amazing and she very nearly clinched it.  Women’s tennis has come a long way and is great to watch.  I bet viewing figures are way up for women’s tennis.

In the men’s, the competition was poorer for Nadal’s absence, but we saw Andy Murray claim first the Olympic Gold and then his first Grand Slam at last.  Great stuff – love his return of serve.  Djokovic still came out on top, but didn’t dominate like last year.  Federer regained some of his top form and Ferrer and DelPo provided some great opposition.

Here in Cyprus, the level is improving, but on the women’s side, we still don’t have enough competitors.  So, if you want to compete, even if youare a beginner, call me and let’s get to work training you!

So, now, is the time to plan and prepare for next season.  What does that involve?  Find out more in my next post on preparation.

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