Top ATP Experience

English: Miles Maclagan during Hopman Cup 2010...

English: Miles Maclagan during Hopman Cup 2010 as Andy Murray’s coach. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week, I gained a really good insight into coaching at the top level. I attended the 1 week Tennis Course with Miles Maclagan at Aphrodite Hills.  Who is Miles Maclagan?  He was the coach for Andy Murray and Marcos Baghdatis.  So, a top level ATP coach.

Aimed at players, the course nevertheless was useful from a coaching perspective, although I have to admit I enjoyed improving my playing and dedicating 14 hours to it over the week 🙂

So what is the difference between a top ATP coach and normal Tennis Coaches? Well, from talking to Miles and being trained by him, I would say the basics remain the same.  It’s more a case of making small adjustments, doing many of the same drills and the major part is working on shot selection and tactics.

Overall I enjoyed the experience and believe it can only add to the coaching that I provide.  I’s also like to thank my pupils for their patience last week as the course disrupted the usual lessons, but I’m sure they agree that it was all in a good cause 🙂

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