Summer Tennis School Comes To Pafos

It’s nearly time for that long hot summer and what are you going to do with the children?  There’s the beach of course, but it is also a great opportunity for children to learn how to play tennis, or improve their playing skills considerably. Don’t forget it’s also fun and good for fitness.

Sign up now for Summer Tennis Academy

So, throughout July (and possibly August) I will be running a Summer Tennis Academy down in Kato Pafos and Coral Bay. It will be for 2 hours a day for 3 days a week.  All aspects of the game will be covered, with the course tailored for each group.

On registering, please say which times suit you best (8-10am or 5-7pm), which days, which location and also provide the age of the child or children and their playing ability.  From this I will then be able to put together groups of roughly the same age and ability.  To be able to do this, please be as flexible as possible in terms of times and days.

Any age from 5-18 years can take part and lessons can be in English, French or Greek.

Cost will be €40 per week, or €140 for the month.

Register now to book your place!  Call 99 329107 or or fill in the form online at



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