What Are Your Goals For 2012?

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So, you’ve decided you want to get fit, maybe you have made the decision to take tennis lessons, or to start competing in tournaments.  For all of these, it’s important to set goals – overall ones and then milestones.  Sometimes you aren’t sure though what they should be, what is reasonable.  So, either just bounce your ideas around with a friend, or ask an expert.

I have now laid out my plans for the year in terms of training for tournaments.  Coaching isn’t enough and just playing isn’t enough.  You have to look at all aspects of the game.  For fitness, I have worked out when the tournaments are, so that I know when i need to peak.  I then can work back and see where are the best time to work on preparation and transition to the pre-competitive stage, as well as planning in active rest and complete rest.  I’ve then broken down each week and worked out what I need to work on every day.  Sound like a lot?  It is and I’m sure I won’t stick to it 100%, but hopefully I will keep to it more or less and achieve what I want to achieve.

The same goes for tennis itself.  You need to plan when to work on technique, when to do drills and when to practice playing.  I haven’t even started on the mental side of things.

So what are your goals?

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