Wembley Tennis Club

Great News!!!!

We have moved to the newly opened Wembley Tennis Club in Emba 🙂

Very excited about this. I am working very closely with the owners so that we have a proper tennis club like most of us are familiar with abroad, as well as a Tennis Academy.

We are aiming for it to become a real social and community centre for Tennis in Paphos, with a large clubhouse, bar and various social events. There will also be a regular ladder tournament, which will be split into leagues once we have enough players.

Changing rooms and showers mean you can freshen up after your game 🙂

If you’d like to find out more about joining our club, please click here

We have adult lessons of course and childrens lessons running right now.

And the academy?

An academy for the children will start in September and we are already accepting applications right now. Click here to register

The future for tennis in Paphos has never looked so bright!!!!

Are you looking forward to it?